Billman Photography

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We began as a sports photography group, covering amateur and professional sporting events from tennis to football.  Our travels to sporting venues led us to fascinating and spectacular locations, where we began to supplement our action work with travel and stock images.  Nature photography combined the elements of our travels and action, and from the natural world sprang our work with pets, either on the move, or slumbering characteristically in portrait poses. Our onsite portrait and wedding work finds our subjects in their natural, comfortable settings, resulting in relaxed, casual style of presentation. We have passion for fun, color, and action;  our work reflects those passions regardless of the assignment.  


We provide customized products such as editorial sports images, event coverage (photographing your round of golf, or your family reunion);  we can produce photobooks from your events, consisting of your photos, or of ours.  We have a full customized line of photo greeting cards available for order.  


No matter what your photo needs, we can meet them with high quality images, enthusiasm, and humor.